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PSVExpo2024 will be an ideal one-stop platform for all kind of smart and intelligent vending machines, equipment & accessories manufacturers, distributors and suppliers to meet their targeted clients and customers, relevant government agencies, professionals and owners of commercial, residential, hotels & resorts, convenience stores, sports clubs & recreational institutions, theme-parks, water-parks and others to meet their demographic and location requirements. Manufacturers and distributors will have the opportunity to meet and appoint agents, franchisees or representatives to the fast-growing Philippine's consumer market.

Machines For Smart & Intelligent Self-Service

85% of all customer interaction has been on self-service. The Covid-19 crisis has brought on a new normal with stricter hygiene practices in customer interaction and transaction. The health authorities are strongly advocating and encouraging the elimination of person-to-person interaction, creating the need to use vending machines during the pandemic, endemic and post-pandemic era. No one can predict will there be no further shops, food courts, malls or supermarkets closure for deep cleaning or for whatever reasons. But with the 24/7 vending machines, the gap is filled.

The introduction of smart and intelligent vending machines with features like facial recognition,, cashless payment and more makes self-service vending an even smart experience for the consumer. Smart and intelligent vending machines also allow its usage to go beyond the supply of FMCG, to include the distribution on pharmacy, healthcare products, even as lockers for postage and parcels, mass Antigen Rapid Test kits and masks to the masses..


The entry of intelligent vending machines will propel the global vending machine market to a potential size of USD147 billion by 2027. The Philippines, with several million machines already in the market, will grow more than 12% to 15% as the population will increase from the current 112.5 million  to 120 million by 2027.


This expo will create opportunities for manufacturers to present and discuss some of the unique features of their intelligent vending machines and services, included but not limited to, as follow:-

AV and Scent Interactions

Cashless Payment System

Cloud-Based Management APIs

Dynamically Price Adjustment

Facial Recognition

Gesture-based Interactions

Interactive User Interface

Inventory Tracking

Low Maintenance Cost

Parameters Change

Products Suggestion

Smart Interaction

Smart Payment Options

Smart Target Marketing

Supply Chain Management

Temperature Regulation,

Touch-screen Control


Exhibitor wishes to do a product seminar or technical workshop during show proper, kindly contact the Organizer.

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